Often when people hear the word `lawyer’, they think of a person wearing a black coat, arguing in courts! But, not everyone enjoys wearing black coats and arguing or sifting through millions of documents in a virtual Due Diligence Room!

Law as a profession has evolved in a multi-pronged manner. Law students and even lawyers these days are increasingly shifting and switching careers.

Travelling the road less taken is the norm these days. Moreover, the Work From Home (WFH) culture has opened an entirely new set of opportunities.

Alternative Careers For Lawyers

So here’s a list of top 15 alternative careers choices for lawyers:

1. Business Consultants

Does business strategy excite you? Are you someone who wants to advise businesses not only from a legal but an investment perspective as well? If you are someone who wants to learn the A to Z of business consulting, you can choose a career in this field.  A business consultant advises businesses from a holistic perspective. Think of it as being a lawyer and much more!

2. Professional Support Lawyer

Every law firm requires professional support lawyers. Professional support lawyers assist the legal teams in knowledge management, client outreach and research. This is similar to becoming a professional legal trainer! If you like reading about the current developments in the legal field, this job is for you!

 3. Paralegals

Paralegal role is one of the fastest-growing professions. A paralegal is typically someone who has not qualified their bar and works in a law firm or legal organization to assist the lawyers in the delivery of legal services. Paralegal work may include conducting legal and factual research, drafting documents and correspondence, maintaining files or communication with clients. Paralegal career offers a lot more excitement with experience although they are prohibited from giving legal advice or negotiating fees as they lack a legal degree.

4. Mediators

Alternate Dispute Redressal (ADR) is the next exciting juncture for people who are looking for some non-core work. Mediators are growing in number as people want to settle disputes out of court to avoid the expense and procedural exhaustion. More individuals and corporations are turning to mediation as the first attempt of resolution of civil dispute outside court.

5.  Human Resource Management/Legal Recruiter

As a human resource manager or legal recruiter, you provide law firms and legal organisations with the right talent they seek to recruit. Being a lawyer yourself, you would know how to choose the right candidate. You would be able to match need and requirement. Legal recruitment has been increasing in leaps and bounds. Companies such as Vahura and Avimukta are some of the big names in the legal recruitment industry.

6. Labour Relations Manager

Labour relations managers are the bridge between the employees and the management of the organization. Lawyers have a good understanding of employment laws and contracts and hence serve as effective agents between the employers and employees.

7. Journalist

A law professional can also venture out in the field of legal journalism. It is a preferred field for people who like to stay on the top of current happenings and have a way with words!

8. Teaching

If you are someone who has a knack for academics, you can surely go for the teaching profession as it allows more research orientation. In India, It is important to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) to be appointed as an Assistant Professor of Law. One can only appear for the NET if one is pursuing or has already completed their Masters’ Degree.

9. Content Creators

With a ban on advertising by the Bar Council of India, lawyers often resort to creating digital footprints through creating and posting good content. Many law firms run their own blogs, send client alerts and create newsletters. Only a lawyer can create good legal content and hence, lawyers are increasingly adopting content creation as a full-time profession. 

10. Business Development

Law firms and legal startups require professionals who can reach out to clients and generate leads. A lawyer understands the needs of a legal business. Someone who understands the business can pitch the idea to the clients Hence, law firms and legal startups prefer engaging lawyers as business development professionals. Good communication skills and a knack for marketing is essential for this role.

11.  Law Practice Management (LPM)

“Law Practice Management” which is an extended part of business administration in the legal context is a dynamic career role someone can explore. It includes internal management of the firm, coordination with clients, internal process and policies, financial controls, budgeting etc.

12. Insolvency Professionals

Do you have a keen interest in Insolvency Laws? You can look at an alternative career as an Insolvency Professional.  As an Insolvency Professional, it is mandatory to get registered under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)  in India. The major work revolves around strengthening financial positions of the company, evaluating assets and smooth dissolution. You may give a read here about the topic in detail.

13. Contract Management

Managing contracts includes initiating a request for the contract and then taking it to completion by successfully negotiating and closing the deal. Companies are often in the need for effective contract managers. Lawyers know the contractual risks and the legal framework around contracts and hence are ideal candidates for a role in contract management.

14. Litigation Support Professionals

Litigation Support professionals are the ones who help firms or lawyers handle complex issues with the help of technology. The key roles include building and maintaining databases, document review, retrieving records and maintaining trial presentations.

15. Freelancers

Freelancing is an attractive alternative career option. A freelancer is an independent professional who is not a part of any organization. The emergence of new technologies and platforms has made possible the rapid increase in outsourcing of work for better cost efficiency generating a lot of opportunities for individuals. As companies do look for someone who can manage their compliance, contract drafting and legal strategy in a cost-efficient manner.


To summarize, do what excites you and as a lawyer, there is no scarcity of diverse opportunities. Find your passion, excel in it and success will follow!

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This post was first published on January 28, 2022

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