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LinkedIn For Lawyers: Marketing 101

Written by Altclik Team

linkedin for lawyers

If you are looking to grow your practice, look no further than LinkedIn. Learning how to fully optimize LinkedIn and network with finesse would provide you with many growth opportunities. LinkedIn is a professional network which brings like-minded professionals together. It serves as one of the best platforms to match those with problems to those with solutions.

LinkedIn for Lawyers

Let us see how you can optimize the use of LinkedIn:

Create your personal brand

If you do not want to be just another face in the crowd, create your personal brand. Be active on LinkedIn. Show that you are a thought leader. Post relevant content. For instance, if you run an arbitration law firm, post content related to the latest case laws on arbitration, the legal updates in the field etc. Let people see that you `know your stuff’ without necessarily `showing off’. 

Be classy, not tacky

The legal profession is one that requires a certain level of finesse to make it to the top. Your profile must reflect this and simplicity is the way to go. Make sure your profile picture is not a selfie or a very casual photo. At the same time, it does not have to look like an ID card photo, be creative. But keep in mind that your profile picture is the first thing a possible recruiter (or your boss) will see and at least subconsciously it might have a lasting influence on their outlook towards you. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is the email ID that you choose to display on your profile. Especially for those who are fresh out of college, avoid displaying email ID’s like [email protected]! Keep it simple, your name (preferably full name), use underscores or a full-stop between your first name and last name or use your initials. 

You have an option to use a background image on LinkedIn. This can be useful for Law Firms as they can display their logo and their areas of operation in short, without coming under the purview of advertising. 

If you chose to write a summary for your bio, be to the point. Avoid making vague statements like “I am extremely hardworking, talented and competent” without backing it up with why you are claiming to be so. Avoid adding unnecessary drama to the summary with statements like “Ever since I was a child, my grandfather wanted me to become a lawyer”. No. No one has time for that. In short, remember this is not Facebook and you have to make the most out of the little spaces where LinkedIn allows you to show your forte. 

If you’ve accomplished it, let it show

If you were the runner-up at your college’s annual moot court, put it on LinkedIn. If you volunteered at a legal aid camp, put it on your profile. Don’t shy away from exhibiting your achievements. Remember, everyone in your profession has a degree/diploma, and after a year it doesn’t matter which top-notch college you studied at, it is the small accomplishments that distinguish you from others. LinkedIn’s own survey shows that HR’s are more likely to hire someone with volunteering experience. At the same time, don’t brag about it, be as humble as possible. 

Know how to Network!

There would be no point in creating a LinkedIn profile if you didn’t use it for the purpose it was made for – connecting and networking!

Make sure to add your college mates, colleagues, your boss, and the HR personnel you have interacted with on a personal or professional level. Endorse your colleagues and request them to endorse you too, congratulate someone on their work anniversary or a new job. Be friendly without being creepy. 

Find like-minded professionals and send them requests. Who can be your potential clients? Determine the same and then send requests to people accordingly. For instance, if you are a technology law firm, try connecting with technology companies and startups. 

Do Not Advertise!

If you are an Indian law firm, remember that the Bar Council of India has rules against the advertisement. Hence, showcase your work but do not advertise.

Have a Company Page

Create a LinkedIn company page. Your credibility would increase much more if you had a company page created on LinkedIn. 

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This post was first published on December 24, 2021

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