Being a solo legal practitioner or establishing a small law firm along with one or more colleagues can be challenging since the concept and techniques involved are almost identical.

More responsibility, less capital and budget constraints for different strategies are only the very visible woes of such a herculean task. How to make it on your own?

Marketing Tips for a Solo Practitioner

Follow the below-given tips to have a successful marketing strategy as a solo practitioner: 

1. Social media is the key

Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such social networks and set them up for optimum branding. Start sharing content and relevant information with your audience base. Be extremely social on your profiles and loosen up privacy settings to increase followers.

2. Blog all the way

Post informative and intriguing content on your blogs on a regular basis. If you have a practice-related blog, write posts and information that’s truly useful to business targets.

3. Traditional marketing still works

Develop a marketing plan around activities you enjoy. Weekly and monthly newsletters if you like to write, speaking engagements if you possess the power to influence through speaking. Frequent dining and a little chit-chat over coffee with old or potential clients could do no possible harm but to brighten your impression.

4. Keep in touch

Stay in contact with your law school classmates or ex-colleagues, because that leads to greater referral opportunities.  Cultivating referral sources is crucial, not only with lawyers but also with other professionals like accountants, bankers, insurance agents, and planners. Refer clients in need to the appropriate professionals and keep track of the ones who reciprocate.

5. Events and community groups

People hire lawyers they remember meeting, talking to, or listening about. Join social clubs and trade or industry groups. Political activities can also be a source of work. Volunteering with various legal community groups can attract you a lot of attention and clients. Conducting Webinars, having your own YouTube channel etc. are also good ways of letting people know who you are and what you do.

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This post was first published on December 18, 2021

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